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Are you looking for heavy duty castors that can move just about everything in your home or office? Do you want to buy quality and efficient castors at the lowest price possible?

RGS Technical Services, is a leading supplier in the UK of industrial hole fitting castors, industrial plate fitting castors, service equipment hole fitting castors, service equipment plate fitting castors and small service equipment castors.

Castor Fitting Types

Castors are typically used to ease the effort of moving heavy objects. The choice of fitting depends on the usage and type of device where it will be attached. Factors such as floor type, wheel width and diameter, tire material and correct load capacity affect the mobility and manoeuvrability of wheels and castors.

Prior to the selection, it is important to consider different environmental influences and working conditions which have an effect on efficiency of castor and wheel operation. It is worthwhile to remember that the range associated for wheels and fittings needs to be specially adapted for ease of use.

In general, dual-wheel castors with larger wheels are designed to move and carry extremely heavy loads of materials. Small to medium sized castors can carry half the total load of its bigger counterparts. To ascertain the correct castor for your application, browse the catalogue to view the full list of castor types or you may like to browse through our various helpful articles on castors, their uses, applications and benefits below:-

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