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Welding Hinges

Do you suffer from a stiff or squeaking door all the time even if it's still in a good condition? Then, justify the expense in just a fraction of the cost! Replace the welding hinges instead of changing the whole furniture.

RGS Technical Services is a leading supplier in the UK for a wide range of welding products such as extra strong Weld on Hinges, Universal Welding Hinges, Gate Fixing and Weld on Collars.

Welding Hinges Selection

Welding hinges or weld-on hinges are hardware components for gates, door and window frames, fabricated panels, furniture, and vehicles or practically in just about any application. The design and manufacturing of welding hinges are generally based on the purpose of facilitating the movement of adjoined structures. As an example, hinges installed in doors are designed to swing the door wide open and prevent door slam.

Currently, there is a great selection of hinges sold in the market today. The extensive range of products differs in style, size, quality, finishes and type of material. If you want to find a large variety of welding hinges, browse the catalogue to view the size range of products in each category.

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Here's a selection of our Welding Hinges:

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